Brake System

Brake System

Brake fluid becomes contaminated and breaks down when exposed to heat and humidity. This condition causes unsafe conditions when the fluid no longer meets DOT specifications. Rust and corrosion may also occur, causing damage to very expensive brake Components and costly repairs.

How a proper brake job maximizes your car’s stopping ability.

Did you know the right brake pads can help your car stop a full 20 feet sooner?
That’s right. There are certainly differences in the brake material. Those differences
can substantially increase your car’s ability to stop faster. That’s important when it
comes to an emergency stop.

The mechanic and shop personnel make decisions when performing brake service
and repairs for your vehicle. Some choose the least expensive route and that can
come at a cost in the long run.
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How different options affect your car’s stopping distance

Brake System Services can vary significantly in costs. It is important to use the very
best brake pads and shoes for YOUR particular vehicle. Each car manufacturer
recommends (and sometimes requires) specific types of brake material and parts.
Sometimes this means that we use the genuine manufacturer’s parts. But whatever is used, it must meet the minimum requirements.

Also, how the rotors are turned (resurfaced) is also of critical importance. Some auto repair companies cut corners on their equipment and their staff qualifications to deliver a low price. This may not optimize your cars stopping power, though.

To maximize your car’s stopping ability, it is important for the company and technician to make the right choices and to deliver their service in the best manner possible.
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How Murrieta Auto Repair is your best choice for brake repairs and service

01. The Right Parts. We use the very best, most fitting brake pads, shoes and other Components for your brake services. We strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. When it is called for, we use original equipment parts. We don’t sacrifice on a lesser priced part, because we have found with brakes, lesser price equals lesser quality. Our choices give you the optimal stopping distance, longer life and intervals between brake jobs, and quieter braking.

02. Excellent Technicians. Our technicians are very well trained and experienced
to perform your brake job. This is important because you NEED a careful and expert person looking over such an important area of your car. Your safety, and that of others, depend on our technical abilities. Don’t cut corners with the brake shops that hire inexperienced people to work on your car. It’s not the right thing to do.

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