Owner / Service Advisor
Chris is one of the owners of Murrieta Auto Repair and believes that every job, no matter how big or how small is of upmost importance. He has been with Murrieta Auto Repair since the very beginning helping start the business and in this line of work for over 38 years. Chris enjoys the daily challenges he encounters, with every repair being a little different. He is ASE certified A8 Engine Performance, L1 Advanced Engine Performance and A6 Electrical Services.

Chris feels fortunate to have the opportunity to meet new people through this line of work and enjoys seeing how joyful and thankful they are after their vehicles have been repaired. Chris is very easy to get along with both professionally and personally and is a very kind and giving person which is evident upon meeting him.

If you were to run into Chris on his days off, you would most likely find him spending time with his wife and children, as he is a family man through-and-through and his relationships are very important to him. He also enjoys having his private pilots license, flying small airplanes, flying RC planes, softball, and history.
Owner / Service Advisor
Justin is one of the owners of Murrieta Auto Repair and plays an active part in the daily operations of the company as Owner & Service Advisor. Justin has been in this line of work since 2007 and with Murrieta Auto Repair since August, 2007. Justin is certified as a Smog Test & Repair Technician, AC Delco Auto Electrical Circuit Diagnosis & Repair Certified, ASE A1 Engine Repair, A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles, A4 Suspension and Steering, A5 Brakes, A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems, A7 Heating & Air Conditioning, A8 Engine Performance, L1 Advanced Engine Performance and C1 Automobile Service Consultant.

Justin takes pride in helping customers get their vehicles back on the road in a timely manner, knowing that they are driving away safely with work that has been done correctly and professionally. Safe and reliable transportation is of high concern to Justin and it is his desire to make sure every customer feels fully satisfied.

On Justin’s time away from the shop he enjoys spending time outdoors, heading out to Glamis, riding quads, motorcycles and driving sandrails, going fishing and brewing his own beer.
Bookkeeper / Receptionist
Michele is the receptionist and bookkeeper at Murrieta Auto Repair. She is not just a receptionist and bookkeeper but the hub of the whole operation. Michelle is knowledgeable about the auto repair industry and has been in the field for 10 years with Murrieta Auto Repair. Michele keeps the office running as a well-oiled machine and when you call, she will make sure that you are well taken care of.

Michele is proud of her work and loves the fact that she gets to help clients with customer satisfaction and that she gets to work with family. Murrieta Auto Repair relies on her on a daily basis.

When Michele is not in the shop she can be found spending time with friends, family, and her dogs. She enjoys Bible study and outdoor activities. She has been married to Chris for 25 years and is mom to Justin and Chelsie. Michele is a New Jersey transplant who has lived in SoCal for 43 years.
ASE Certified Technician
Trini is an ASE Certified Auto Technician, A1, A3, A4, A5, and A7, specializing in suspension, breaks, alignment issues and maintenance of GM vehicles. He has been in this line of work for over 20 years and with Murrieta Auto Repair since early 2014. Being the Shop Foreman, Trini is also in charge of training newly hired technicians and monitoring their workflow. He enjoys being in the auto repair business because it provides new challenges every day and allows him to work on a wide variety of vehicles. He also enjoys the camaraderie between his co-workers in the shop. On Trini’s days off you can find him watching movies and football with his family, attending car shows and playing with his grand kids.
ASE Certified Technician
Matt is a self-admitted car junkie. He loves any and all things cars and says it is only natural that he became a service technician. Matt has worked in the auto repair industry for 7 years and has been working with Murrieta Auto Repair since January 2016. Matt is an ASE Certified Technician who specializes in brakes and front end work. He has his A5 brakes certification and A8 engine performance certification. Matt enjoys taking on new challenges everyday and solving complex mechanical problems and also enjoys explaining those problems to customers in a way that makes sense to them as non-professionals. Matt is enthusiastic about his work and is diligent in making sure that every vehicle he works on is repaired properly and given careful attention.

When Matt is not at the shop, he can be found working on his own cars, riding ATVs, doing recreational shooting or riding horses and spending time with family. And of course loving cars as much as Matt does, you can find him reading up on the latest auto repair technologies as well. Matt loves music and will go to concerts and other musical events wherever good music is to be found.
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